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Our tree felling team is well equipped and experienced.  As such they are able to take care of all your needs.  No matter how large or difficult the position in which your tree is growing may be, we will fell it for you. Once the tree has been felled, we cut it into manageable pieces and remove it from your property. If you want us to, we will leave any parts of the tree which you may want to keep behind and also give you the option of having these cut to your specifications.

Stumps left after trees are felled are usually extremely problematic.  They not only tend to continue sprouting, but can also make mowing your lawn very difficult.  If you have such a stump, call us.  We will uproot and remove it.

After the stump has been uprooted, a hole will be left where the stump was.  We allow you to choose whether you want us to fill and compact this hole or whether you wish to do that yourself.

Once we have done all the work you requested, we will remove the sump as well as any other rubble which may have been caused by our working from your premises.

We will do our utmost to satisfy any special requests or instructions you may have, merely tell us.

Our tree felling ad stump removal service include the following:

  • Felling of any tree.
  • Site clearance.
  • Cutting stumps into portions.
  • Stump removal.
  • Area rehabilitation.
  • Planting lawn on the area where the stump was removed.
  • Trimming of trees.
  • Shrub pruning.